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Biographies by Éric L Farrell

click to enlargeÉric L Farrell (Woodbridge, VA) - Founder, Poet, and Host of WordStage Poetry TOUR (comin to your areas!) and WordStage Poetry Lounge (Richmond VA - Washington DC); Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam Winner; Author of Seeking Solace: Finding Peace and Comfort in Times of Distress and Verbalizions of Enlightenment: The Secret to the Pain from the Woodbridge, VA and Richmond, VA. Éric is likely to take the words right out of your mouth since you're not saying them. Superpowers: Able to mute the audience. Able to speak through the speakers and come out at the microphone. Website: www.ericlfarrell.com
headshot Womanstorm (Greensboro, NC) - Spoken Word Artist and host of The Collective. Womanstorm is likely to reach your heart and explain to you why you ended up in the mess you got caught up in... and what to do about it. Superpowers: Able to cut through barriers with a single pen. Able to counterattack hurricanes. Released Albums: Hypocrite, Womanstorm. Website: www.womanstorm.com | download audio clip
click to enlargeDuane Graham Foster "The Blacksheep" (Richmond, VA) - Poet and Author of Don't Look at Me: A Poetic Autobiography, and host of Host of Poetry In The Light Tour and Good Fridays Live! @ The ROC (Richmond Outreach Center). The Blacksheep is likely to tell you the truth about lifestyle choices. Superpowers: Able to mesmerize the Devil at over 1000 yards with a rhythmic poetic verse. Website: www.theblack-sheep.net
Dan Mullis "WordsMyth" (Richmond, VA) - Hip Hop Freestyle Artist and part-time Poet. Dan is likely to dazzle criminals with minimal visibles by performing audible lyrical miracles. He's a lyrical improv. Superpowers: Able to adjust the volume of the audience with or without a microphone. Able to freestyle better than most people can write.
Doug P.Doug P. "A.R.S.O.N." a.k.a. "Rocoe Burnems" (Richmond, VA) - Former Co-host of Richmond, VA's WordStage Poetry Lounge, where this now 20 year old lyricist got his start. Poetry remains a large part of his style. An advocate of men who fulfill their roles in society, Doug is likely to use his poetry to "change people's minds and help people see things a little differently." Superpowers: Able to train dogs to be men again. Weakness: Unable to tolerate incompetence. Webpage: www.myspace.com/roscoebmusic
Tony Ares "Karolina"
Tony Ares "Karolina" (Carolina) - House poet of WordStage Poetry Lounge in DC and Richmond VA. Carolina is likely to fight on the front lines for Truth and Justice. Superpowers: Able to chop down crooked trees with words, using the timber to build shelters for the spiritually homeless. Website: www.haveyoubeentothehill.net
Jason Reynolds (Brooklyn, NY) - Poet and Author of Let Me Speak, and Jacob's Ladder. Jason is likely to tell you his and your life story in poetic form. Superpowers: Able to express complex feelings with astounding simplicity. Website: www.increase-decrease.com | download audio clip
00057Sean McCoy & Daniel Bethea Jr. "One Mic" (Capitol Heights, MD) - A poetic ministry of two young men. One Mic is likely to preach, teach and speak the Word of God through Spoken Word. Superpowers: Able to bombard the Enemy by delivering one message simultaneously from multiple directions. Motto: "One God… One Mic… Now Listen!" Website: www.fourdrecord.com
Sean Lohr "Mudd n Boots" (Richmond, VA) – Performance poet from Fayetteville, NC who spent his school years in the drama and music department. This High School tutor and substitute teacher writes music, poetry, books, and plays. Mudd n Boots is likely to infuse his poetry with comedy or drama to make you laugh, think, and react. Superpowers: able to change characters right before your eyes without the use of a phone booth.
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