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"Sign The Book"

thanks for all of the positive feedback this past year,
but please sign the guestbook, so that others who haven't been here
will know what you think about it.
They'd rather hear it from you than from me.
WordStage is free,
so at least pay a visit to the guestbook
so when potential guests look,
they don't end up breath-took
I mean breath-taken, mistaking me for a liar,
Picturing me holding up a sign "SEEKING AUDIENCE FOR HIRE"
It was plenty of y'all there, and I know that y'all care
just as much as those who've already blessed the first layer...
of the guestbook pages
Their words will last for ages, sort of like a prayer
WordStage guests and poets, you've been great...
Relieving headaches better than Bayer
So sign the book with a poem, a gesture, a letter, or a simple "write on player"
Even though i'm not a player,
and i don't like to pimp poems
I wouldn't take offense, cause we all know you don't mean any harm
I mean, you can write a rap, sonnet, chorus or a Missy Elliot hook
We ain't really gon' complain as long as you just... sign the book...

© 2003 by Éric L Farrell

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